Selling a Home in Las Vegas, Nevada





Benefit from our 14+ years of experience and knowledge in the ever-changing real estate market. Jillian is rated the #1 Agent on Zillow for customer service and sales skill for all of Las Vegas. Realtrends Magazine also named Jillian the #1 Women in Real Estate for 2014.   We find that Jillian's policy of conducting a diligently prepared marketing analysis of the property and working side by side with the owner leads to a faster sale,at the best price.  Anyone can list your home.  The Batchelor Group will sell your home! And sell your home for the highest dollar in the shortest amoutn of time possible. Jillian's average days on the market are 19 days compared to the average days on the market for the board of Realtors of 39 days. Jillian's listing also generally sell for 98%-105% of their listed price.

For those who are considering a short sale, we can refer you to the legal and tax professionals who can assist you in making that decision.  If you decide that a short sale is your best option, the Batchelor Group can help! Because a short sale can be a complex transaction, you need an agent with the knowledge and experience to handle such a transaction. Jillian and the Batchelor Group have closed 100'S of complex short sale transactions.


As Your Agent, We Will:

  • Complete a comparative market analysis that will compare your home's value to that of your neighbors.
  • Compile a comprehensive plan detailing all the efforts we will employ to sell your home, including Internet and local media. THIS IS INCLUDES OVER 500 WEBSITES FOR YOUR HOME'S ADVERTISEMENT AND ALL SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS.
  • Present your home to as many qualified buyers as possible getting your home maximum exposure. We will network your home through out our various organizations as well.
  • Help you stage your home and generate curb appeal to ensure you get the highest price.
  • Assist with obtaining offers and help you in negotiating the best deal as smoothly as possible.
  • Help you find your next home and answer all of your questions about the local market area, including schools, neighborhoods, the local economy, and more.



      Pricing your home correctly the first time is key to selling your home!


Closing Costs to Expect:

  • Title insurance fees depend on the sales price of the home.
  • Broker's commission is a full-service fee.
  • Local property transfer tax, county transfer tax, state transfer tax, and state capital gains tax are the charges that you'll pay for the privilege of selling your home. Credit to the buyer of unpaid real estate taxes for the prior or current year are variable and depend on when you close and when your taxes are due.
  • FHA fees and costs are all fees are now negotiable between an FHA buyer and seller.
  • Home inspections fees are in some circumstances paid for by the seller and include pest, radon and other inspections.
  • Miscellaneous fees can accrue from correcting problems noticed during the home inspection.
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Are you upside down on your home? Need to get out from under those back payments? Visit my SHORT SALE tab on my website to look over your options! 

In today's market the agent you choose is more important then ever!  Experience, negotiating skills, marketing skills,integrity, market knowledge and of course the "right "agent are what makes a home sell! Any agent can LIST your home but only a select few can SELL your home! For a list of qualifying questions you should ask your agent contact me directly!